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Wide Sargasso Sea 1993

Wide Sargasso Sea 1993

Wide Sargasso Sea is an erotic drama depicting the story a young female landowner, Antoinette Cosway, lived in 1840s in Jamaica. She marries a just-arrived Englishman, Edward Rochester, who is interested in her property. All seems to be perfect, love arises, and happiness is on the way, but she is hiding an old secret regarding her childhood and her mother. Slowly, this secret begins to erode this perfect relationship and, perhaps, her mothers story will begin again… with her.

Watching Wide Sargasso Sea 1993 you will dive in a world of sexual obsession, passion and sensuality.

Karina Lombard, a famous Australian actress and model, plays the role of Antoinette Cosway.

Some info to Wide Sargasso Sea 1993:

Produced by Jan Sharp
Written by John Duigan Carole Angier Jan Sharp (based on the novel by Jean Rhys)
Starring Karina Lombard Nathaniel Parker Rachel Ward Michael York
Music by Stewart Copeland
Cinematography Geoff Burton
Editing by Anne Goursaud Jimmy Sandoval
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Running time 98 minutes
Country Australia
Language English


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