Adra Joy

Escort Switzerland

I am Adra, a beautiful and stylish part-time Luxury Independent Escort Switzerland.

As an open and adventurous personality I would be delighted to become your Girlfriend, your personal City-guide or even your Assistant for an extraordinary and amazing period of time.

Whether for two or more hours, for any period of time you will definitely love my warm and sincere character, my great general and specific erudition, our passionate conversations, charming tenderness, affectionate hugging and kissing as well as our splendid special moments that we will never forget.

I am a very stylish and well dressed Lady with a distinct taste for upscale outfits and seductive lingerie that will make your fantasy and desire go to infinity.

I have a kind and open nature, which makes our companionship simple and very pleasant for both of us. At the same time, my spontaneous character will give our date an adventurous atmosphere and a feeling of the unexpected lovely surprises. Finally, the intimate time of our togetherness may exceed your boldest dreams and expectations - especially if we will have an opportunity to learn each other better prior to our intimacy.

I always prefer meetings that could be initiated in any public places such as bars, lounges, restaurants, hotel lobbies or similar. Meeting in public is expected mostly in case of our first arrangement. It would be very exciting to get closer to each other in a very natural way during our small presentation in the lounge, bar, restaurant, etc.

Being very passionate I am also sensitive by nature, because my senses provoke my passion. It would be rather intricate for me to disclose all wonderful facets of the intimate happiness with a person who I do not know at all. Thus, I would admire a short introduction both by e-mail and outside of your hotel room to “break the ice” and enable genuine feelings.

Despite of my preferences, I am quite flexible in thinking. If the public place is an issue, I will be ready to consider any other possibility for the first meeting.

Please visit my ESCORT PRESENTATION to find some more information about me.

Sincerely yours

Adra Joy Escort Switzerland


Erotic in action

Sometimes people ask me, why I am an escort-lady (even if a part-time only)? How could it have happened to me? What can I say… To find a small (not a comprehensive) answer, please watch an abstract of the film “Wild Orchid”, where a beautiful actress Carre Otis (as a virgin) makes her first and a very uncertain step in the world of erotic and sexual pleasure.
Erotic by Carre Otis in the film “Wild Orchid” (duration of an abstract is ca. 8 min., in English language, with Adobe Player installed