Fetish and Bizarre Erotic

Fetish and Bizarre Erotic


Fetish-Erotic and Bizarre Adventure with Adra Luxury Escort Switzerland…

extra feeling, touching, smelling, tasting, licking, enjoying, hearing, alternative vision, new ideas, curiosity, greed, lust, passion, fear, expectation, sophistication, proximity, distance, heat, cold, excitement, confidence, ecstasy, excess, alertness, surprise, interest,  letting go, love, relaxing … and of course lots of joy!

Du you want experience an extravagant fetish-erotic on sensual-bizarre and playful level?

Many extraordinary things are possible during the escort adventure: in a room, hotel, restaurant, at an event, on a trip to attend a party or on a weekend … For example: play roles, exchange games, bondages of any kind, imaginative education, taming whip and taming  chain, slaps in the face, cbt, and the whole gourmet area: shower, water-sports, hard-sports, education, investigations, breath reduction, training, leg and shoe erotic, trampling, tens, pain and pleasure, etc. - so while our exciting encounter in the city … hmmm … and much more in a Fetish-Erotic area!  

Contact me to certain something special … for salt & pepper as well as the sweetest sugar in your life in frames of Fetish-Erotic.

Adra Swiss Escort Lady wanna play with you!

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Video 1: Playful Fetish and Bizarre Erotic (duration ca. 8 min.)

Attention – Adult Film – you should be at least 18 years old to watch it.


Video 2: BDSM Fetish and Bizarre Erotic (duration ca. 12 min.)

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What ‘BDSM’ means

What we often call “extreme eroticism” or “domination games” involves many erotic practices with one common structure: one of the partners controls the nature and extent of the stimulation and the other partner receives whatever is being offered, actively contributing to the experience of both. It may sound awfully complicated, but in fact it is simply the actual realization of the «do whatever you want with me» that lovers have been forever whispering to one another. In other words, BDSM represents a safe context within which it becomes possible to rediscover the pleasures offered by sensations, emotions and relations that are normally excluded by our daily lives. When speaking about BDSM and sex many special terms crop up, first of them…


…which is the acronym of:


– both in the sense of ropes and handcuffs, and of close relationship between two people;


– or Discipline, depending on who you ask. Either way it means that one orders and the other obeys. Failure to obey is punished;

Sadism (or Submission)

– the pleasure derived from inflicting suffering;


– the reflection of the above: pleasure derived from suffering for another’s enjoyment.

Historical Background of Domination – Antiquity


Domination in a Historical Background – Eva Green as a Dominatrix in the Film “300 Rise of an Empire 2014” (Duration of an abstract ca. 1 min.)


Silicone Dolls for Adults

Erotic silicone dolls for adults – outright conflict or a bridge between logic and fantasy?


Erotic silicone dolls is my second article concerning the erotic interaction and fun. I will never stop loving beauty and perfection as a significant, rational and inspiriting part of the erotic life. Nevertheless I cannot forget another content of the erotic activity – the irrationalism of a fantasy in all its irresistible attraction.

It is logical that people adore everything that is beautiful – the beauty of the nature, the beauty of the human body, face and character, just beauty as it is – in any of its physical form. It is logical to love a beauty because logic requires a perfect order of details subjected for the analysis. The logical order is exactly what the beauty provides – clarity and perfection.

Despite of this, the beauty may seem to be unreliable in some cases, because what is explainable by logic is rarely interpretable by feelings. Therefore, the logic of beauty may not be enough to explain the imagination and a human fantasy. Human imagination is always some steps ahead of any kind of logic and even rejects it, if the senses are engaged in their unexplainable (for the logic) game!  Thus, very often, people are involved in the playful world of fantasy which is beyond of rationality, beauty and perfection…  But how can people play their fantasies without toys?

Wicked RealDoll


Definitely not only children love toys. Toys are the symbols of the real world presented in the most attractive way. By means of the toys children learn the world around them and adults learn themselves.  The toys of adult individuals appear to be comprehensive, often irrational and, in many cases, erotically or pornographically orientated.  Erotic dolls or full-size erotic silicone dolls seem to be the absolutely favorites concerning the erotic fantasy of the adult “players”, since some of these amazing erotic artificial creatures may cost more than a new vehicle but people buy them nevertheless!  The silicone bodies and faces of these dolls amazingly resemble the human ones. By far, they are much more perfect then that of the average human. In some cases, the physical assets of the high-end erotic silicon dolls may exceed human imagination. Certainly not all people can afford such luxury toys and the majority of them would criticize the existence of erotic silicone dolls, defining their owners as fetishists.  Nevertheless, to be honest, quite nobody would say “NO” receiving some of these outstanding beauties for free as a gift.

Is it only an artificial beauty that attract the adult individuals and “force” them to spend at least 8 000 $ for something quite useless and made from silicon?

Silicon Doll Jessica made by Wicked RealDoll


Indeed, why people buy artificial beauty if they could spend this amount of money for something more “feasible” and real? Perhaps the erotic context (along with a beauty) could explain the popularity of these creatures? But nowadays the direct access to the erotic interaction is much less restricted than before. For example, the supply of the erotic market, especially in Europe, is incredibly affordable, legal and highly promoted in any possible form!  Obviously there is something else then just beauty or erotic that deviate the feelings of adult individuals and “abstract” them from the available reality towards the unrealistic world of erotic toys.

Why people indulge in these abstractions is practically unexplainable. Perhaps the first attempt to interpret this phenomenon was made ca. 2 centuries ago by Hoffmann.

Hoffmann was one of the leading authors of the Romantic Movement in the literature. His short roman “The Sandman” markelbikeinsurance.com issued in 1816 became very popular. This roman has been filmed and adapted (very loosely) as opera and ballet.

Erotic Silicon Doll Naomie made by 4Woods and DollStory
Erotic Silicon Doll Naomie made by 4Woods


In his roman (“The Sandman”)  Hoffmann describes a sensible and romantic student Nathaniel which despite of his engagement with a real and very pretty woman Clara falls in love with a mechanic woman Olympia.

The mechanic woman Olympia was created by a professor, who worked at the University that Nathaniel attended as a student.

Nathaniel did not know that Olympia was a mechanic woman since she was a perfect creature which the professor used to present as his daughter. Trying to approach a beautiful Olympia in order to marry her, Nathaniel discovered that she was just a robot or an automated doll.

Finally Olympia was destroyed by the professor (her “father”) and his assistant (the assistant of the professor) in front of Nathaniel.

The love of his peaceful, judicious and rational fiancée Clara could not help Nathaniel to recover.  According to the Hoffmann`s “Sandman”, destruction of the artificial Olympia led Nathaniel to madness and death.

Perhaps Nathaniel could survive if Olympia would not be the only one absolutely perfect artificial woman as she was before 200 years.

Erotic Silicon Doll Mia made by 4Woods and DollStory
Erotic Silicon Doll Mia made by 4Woods


Today there is a great amount of artificial lovers made in accordance to the latest technologies. High-end luxury erotic silicone dolls are available throughout a world from ca. 8 000 $.

The modern “Olympias” are made from silicon and have a stable aluminum skeleton that allows them to make any possible poses.

Some of them, created by Japanese firm “Honey Dolls” can also “speak” or at least pronounce some words! Honey Doll: http://www.honeydolls.jp/

The most important leaders in the field of erotic silicone dolls production are the American trade mark “Real Doll” and the Japanese “4Woods”.

The “Real Dolls” provides incredible choice of beautiful silicone dolls, which are ready for love and all kinds of fantasies: https://www.realdoll.com/

Erotic Silicon Doll Elena made by RealDoll
Erotic Silicon Doll Elena made by RealDoll


“Real Doll” also makes authorized silicone copies of famous playmates by means of its sister firm “Wicked Real Doll”:  http://www.wickedrealdoll.com/

Erotic Silicon Doll Alektra made by Wicked RealDoll
Erotic Silicon Doll Alektra made by Wicked RealDoll


The BoyToy edition of “Real Doll” is funny and very sexy at the same time.  Boy Toy: http://www.boytoydolls.com/home/dolls

Erotic Silicon Doll Miss July made by BoyToy and RealDoll
Erotic Silicon Doll Miss July made by BoyToy and RealDoll


“Real Doll” has its official partner in Switzerland, the “Magic X”, which is happy to sell silicone erotic dolls in Switzerland from ca. 14000 CHF: http://www.real-doll.ch/

Erotic Silicon Doll Kaylani made by Wicked RealDoll
Erotic Silicon Doll Kaylani made by Wicked RealDoll


Second hand “Real Dolls” are also available on-line in Switzerland, Germany and Austria: http://swissdolls.ch/

The most considerable concurrent of “Real Dolls” is “4Woods”. “4Woods” is more suitable for artist and people who are looking for the complete perfection of a woman body rather than a physical process.

“4Wood”: http://aidoll.4woods.jp/en/

“4Wood” in Europe: http://www.dollstory.eu/dollstory.aspx?lang=EN

Erotic Silicon Doll Alicia made by 4Woods and DollStory
Erotic Silicon Doll Alicia made by 4Woods and DollStory


The new woman body of “4Woods” issued this year is absolutely irresistible for someone who loves a young and sporty woman look.

New woman erotic silicone dolls from “4Woods” and “Doll Story”: http://www.dollstory.eu/dollstory.aspx?code=AIdollSplus&lang=EN

Erotic Silicon Doll made by 4Woods and DollStory
Erotic Silicon Doll made by 4Woods and DollStory


New silicon models of “4Woods” are available in Europe for lower costs, since some dolls are producing in France (from ca. 6500 EURO without extra details and transportation).

New Silicon Doll made by 4Woods and DollStory
New Erotic Silicon Doll made by 4Woods and DollStory


“4Woods” has a sister company “DS Dolls Sweet”, which introduces simplified models, which are very well made despite of some simplifications.

“DS Dolls”: http://www.dsdoll.com/en/gallery.html

Full-size erotic silicone doll Kayla from “DS Dolls”:  http://www.dsdoll.com/en/galleria/161/kayla/index.html

Erotic Silicon Doll Kayla made by DS Dolls
Erotic Silicon Doll Kayla made by DS Dolls


Another Japanese firm “Orient Industry” is comparable with “DS Dolls” concerning the quality of the erotic silicone dolls: http://www.orient-doll.com/

Erotic silicone doll Ange from “Orient Industry”: http://www.orient-doll.com/ange/index.html

Erotic Silicon Doll Ange made by Orient Love Dolls
Erotic Silicon Doll Ange made by Orient Love Dolls


The Japanese silicone dolls are less “mature” than the American ones.

Erotic Silicon Doll made by 4Woods
Erotic Silicon Doll made by 4Woods


Most of Japanese beauties resembles very young women with child-like bodies and faces, very well elaborated nevertheless.

Erotic Silicon Doll made by Orient Love Dolls
Erotic Silicon Doll made by Orient Love Dolls


Some silicone dolls from “Orient” can be ordered in Europe via some erotic commercial portals such as: http://www.liebespuppen-shop.eu/

Kayla silicone doll from “DS Dolls”: http://www.liebespuppen-shop.eu/epages/61393759.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61393759/Products/DS1203

Ange silicone doll from “Orient Dolls”: http://www.liebespuppen-shop.eu/epages/61393759.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61393759/Products/OD0811

Sources of erotic silicon dolls:

Honey Dolls (Japan) http://www.honeydolls.jp/

Real Doll (USA) https://www.realdoll.com/

Wicked Real Dolls (USA) http://www.wickedrealdoll.com/

Boy Toy (USA) http://www.boytoydolls.com/

4Woods (Japan) http://aidoll.4woods.jp/en/

Doll Story (France – Japan) http://www.dollstory.eu/

DS Dolls (Japan) http://www.dsdoll.com/en/gallery.html

Orient Industry (Japan) http://www.orient-doll.com/


Erotic as Inspiration

Erotic as Inspiration

Erotic is not only about a physical process*, but for most, it is a life-driving inspiration, which gives the world a glimpse of who you are.

I adore Erotic and can talk about it with a great pleasure, but it takes more than words to tell an erotic story!

Any expression concerning this quintessentially important element of the life is handicapped without praxis. Praxis provides us limitless possibilities to maintain our own unique celebration of the feelings: from stylish elegant lunches and clean classic romantic evenings to the huge sparkling explosion that appears like a fresh rain splashing on our skin during a hot night.

Nevertheless also our imagination and attitudes matter for the final level of the erotic satisfaction and inspiration. Erotic praxis (and the process itself) cannot guarantee the desirable satisfaction and a life-driving inspiration a priori.

Each moment of Erotic is inspired by nature, which is whether purely organic or artificially deviated from its original root. Despite of the endless variety of its appearance, Erotic is always genuine and sacred, since it is both symbol and content of our existents in every form, physical or mental. Thus, each moment of Erotic is inspired not only by the nature itself, but mostly by our personal nature (our physical and mental identity). Our imagination and an attitude to Erotic is the Erotic itself. Erotic reflects our personality and our life – it is a reciprocal relationship. If something is wrong, the first person you should ask for “Why?” is you.

We can only experience the most magic moments by being true to ourselves and to the partner. People may combine, mix and match their desires, fantasies and dreams in order to create their own state of truthiness (towards themselves and the world). This state of truthiness is like a well balanced private universe that makes people who they are. Pretending to be something else will not make sense anymore, because such pretending never leads to the real satisfaction. Hence, the real satisfaction is a result of a real truthiness, which is certainly not so obvious to everyone. Once experienced, this truthiness allows your private universe to reach its equilibrium or a status quo of senses, which affects you physically and mentally. Our moods and wishes shift and change, but the inspiration from the mysterious and magical moments of truthiness and sincerity towards ourselves will never fade. It will last forever, shaping our soul and giving a simple happiness along with the vital power for new challenges.

If you have not yet discovered your very own state of truthiness, you are just like a flower before it blooms in all its glory.


Adra Joy Luxury Escort and Companion in Switzerland


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